Affordable Lighting Package Solutions for DJs

Whether you are a wedding mobile DJ or the resident of a cool night club in your home town you will be needing stage lighting suitable for DJ gigs. In a world full of lighting options it’s sometimes overwhelming to know which ones to buy. Luckily there are experts like us on hand to give you some precious advice about which DJ lighting packages you should be looking for this year.

Modern Lighting and the Older Styles

Let’s start with understanding some of the differences between modern lighting and the older kinds. The first thing we’ll look at is the heating of the older lamps. We all remember the old lamps to really overheat and be clumsily heavy as well. In fact, quite a lot of fires were caused in the old days because of old DJ lighting packages that weren’t up to the task and were obviously a fire hazard.
In addition to that, the other thing that is different is the lamp technology. Before, there would be a really hot lamp that would be covered with a filter. But since the invention of LED lights, that are RGB interchangeable, things have really moved on.

Intelligent Lighting Packages

Lighting for DJ packages are usually intelligent lighting equipment as well which is cool. By this we mean that the intelligence of the lights can effectively dance to the music as well as change their displays graphically.

Strobe Effects to Please every audience

Most DJ lighting packages will now come with a strobe set, a moonflower light and a controller that can usually be voice activated as well, which I’m sure you’ll agree is an awesome touch! You can also program the lights to behave in a certain way too. For example you can change the way the lights are beamed in a pattern to a series of different settings.